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The Granada Exhibition and Convention Center (PCGR) is the venue for the 46th Annual Meeting of the Spanish Nuclear Society. It is located in the city center, on Paseo del Violón, next to the left bank of the Genil River.

The building was inaugurated in April 1992, and from the first day, it became one of the landmark buildings in the city. Its design (recognized on numerous occasions), proportions, and orientation are studied to frame the different panoramic views that can be seen from the prime location of the property, such as the Alhambra and the Sierra Nevada.

The interior coverings follow the idea of treating the rooms as “wooden boxes” within the large “stone box.” For this reason, the interior and exterior of the rooms were made with maple wood, ideal from an acoustic and thermal point of view. As for the building, it was covered in green Quetzal marble, turning the PCGR into a “jewel” of the city and representing one of the colors of the Granada flag.

The building has what has been called “the fifth facade,” that is, the rooftop of the building. If the weather is good, we will be able to enjoy this partially landscaped space to celebrate our cocktails, taking advantage of the magnificent views of the Sierra Nevada and the Alhambra.



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45th Annual Meeting SNE 
September 25-27, 2019
Vigo, Galicia (SPAIN)


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